Vintage Cameras Set

Designed to simulate the look of old film and inspired by the processing work by (super cool photogs)

the set includes 22 actions (some not pictured here- like the grain action/exposure fixer, old BW, old BW2)

these are in NO way designed to simulate the actual camera name they have, it's just a clever way to name the actions.

I've been working on some of these since December and have finally narrowed it down to these actions out of probably something like 50.

All of these are for PS7 and up: all for $35

send payment through paypal to: make sure you include which set you are wanting to purchase

* unlike my retro set, some of these are not adjustable but I'm sure you photoshop wizards could adjust them to your liking... the only thing that really matters is your EXPOSURE of the photo you want to run it on. I made a "exposure fixer" action that is included, which will help lighten your photos and will probably make another one that will help you fix an overexposed image... that way you get a more consistent look to your actions*

Oeil Vintage Camera Actions

link to see full size:

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