Oeil Fuji Film Pro 400H Film presets for Lightroom and ACR

Get the look of film without the cost of buying film, processing and printing/scanning :)

***THESE ARE NOT ACTIONS, they are presets, google presets please before you buy if you don't know what they are!***

I started out making presets but have never made them available for sale. These are my first presets I put out. The set will include the presets for Lightroom and ACR for the price of one. Also, you will receive ONE bonus action that you can add after running the preset. (if you want to).

Remember that you can adjust the intensity of a preset, play with the exposure, brightness, contrast, and/ OR saturation and temp!

see BIG here

See more examples of these, HERE


Oeil Fuji Film Presets

a few more examples:They're Coming!

Vintage Pensacola Beach Wedding Photographer
Fuji 400H film presetsOeil Fuji 400H film Presetsweb1
Oeil Fuji 400 PresetsOeil Fuji 400 Presets
Oeil Fuji 400 PresetsOeil Fuji 400 Presets